Clary Fray: Bio & Facts

Clary Fray



Clary Fray was born to Jocelyn Fairchild and Valentine Morgenstern. Her father wished to name her Seraphina after his own mother but Jocelyn named her Clarissa Adele. When Jocelyn was pregnant with Clary, Valentine, unawares of the fact gave his wife angel blood mixed with her food to cure her out of her depression. Therefore, Clary has Angel Ithuriel’s blood in her veins, the same as Jace Lightwood. Eventually, Jocelyn planned Valentine’s downfall and then ran away from Idris, settling in New York. Clary grew up to believe her father was named Jonathan Clark, which were the initials carved on a box in her mother’s room. Clary was kept away from the Shadow World, and when Jocelyn found that her inner Sight was intact she had Magnus Bane perform a spell every two years upon her that made her forget anything of the other world. She did, however, go through with the Shadowhunters children’s ritual, guided by Brother Zachariah and a female warlock, later confirmed to be Tessa Gray.

When Clary was 5, Lucian Graymark found Jocelyn in New York and took on the identity of Luke Garroway and became a paternal figure in Clary’s life. At the age of 6, Clary met Simon Lewis who became her inseparable best friend. Clary’s separation from the Shadow World ends one day suddenly when she encounters Jace, Isabelle and Alec Lightwood at the Pandemonium Club hunting a demon. She arrives at the New York Institute, escorted by Jace who takes a keen interest on her, as does she, eventually falling in love with Jace. Clary’s life turns upside-down after being introduced to the Shadow World, especially when her mother had been taken captive by Valentine. She travels to Idris and is a central figure in ending the Mortal War, having the ability to create new Runes. She has to rescue Jace from her demon brother Jonathan’s possession and stabs Jace with Archangel Michael’s sword to severe the connection.

To ultimately defeat her brother, also known as Sebastian, Clary traps the heavenly fire from Jace’s body in her shortsword, Heosphoros, and stabs him with it, betraying him after a Judas-style trick. She gives Jace Herondale his family ring, that Tessa Gray handed to her. Ultimately, Clary has come to terms with herself as a Shadowhunter and as a Morgenstern, regaining her family name’s honor after defeating her brother.

By 2012, Clary has taken the name Fairchild, and runs the New York Institute alongside Jace. She found her parabatai in her best friend-turned-vampire-turned Shadowhunter, Simon Lewis. Over the years, she has maintained a mentor-like friendship with Emma Carstairs.

Clary is stubborn, but an incredibly compassionate person. She is an artist and sketches in her pad as a means of keeping a diary. She rues the fact that she hasn’t drawn with pencils and colors and only uses her stele now, but Jace hopes that the artist and warrior can both survive in her simultaneously.

Clary is described to look uncannily like her mother, with red hair, freckles and green eyes. She is short at just 5′ and often comments on her lack of physical appeal.

Clary was told by Jonathan that their family is Swiss.



  • Full name – Clarissa Adele Morgenstern Fairchild
  • Height – 5′
  • Painter
  • Trained at the New York Institute
  • Parabatai to Simon Lewis
  • Angel-blooded
  • Power to create new runes
  • Her Morgenstern shortsword is named Heosphoros