ABC Family president talks #Shadowhunters and adaptations

Shadowhunters Promo - Courtesy
Shadowhunters Promo – Courtesy

Shadowhunters feels like ages away with its debut in January 2016, but filming is in full swing and the cast is generously sharing behind-the-scenes pictures to keep us fans in the loop. Still, it’s difficult not to worry and speculate.

ABC Family president Tom Ascheim told TV Line that they’re “excited by the dailies. McG directed the first one and it looks beautiful. It looks big.”

He added, “When you’re adapting, you always have to find the balance of being loyal and giving them something new, and I think we’ve found a good balance.”

What are your hopes for the show?

#Shadowhunters and Cassie Clare heading to NYCC in October

SHADOWHUNTERS - "1002" - Clary's memories might be the key to finding her mother and the Mortal Cup. (ABC Family/John Medland) STEPHEN HART, KATHERINE MCNAMARA
SHADOWHUNTERS – “1002” – Clary’s memories might be the key to finding her mother and the Mortal Cup. (ABC Family/John Medland)

Shadowhunters is heading to New York Comic Con this October!

The ABC Family’s show panel will take place on Saturday, October 10, from 11:00am-12:00pm on the Empire Stage.

The panel will include exclusive footage and a Q&A with cast members Katherine McNamara (“Clary”), Dominic Sherwood (“Jace”), Harry Shum Jr. (“Magnus”), Alberto Rosende (“Simon”), Emeraude Toubia (“Isabelle”), Matthew Daddario (“Alec”) and Isaiah Mustafa (“Luke”), as well as showrunner Ed Decter (“Helix”), Executive Producer McG (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Chuck”) and book author Cassandra Clare.

Along with the show’s panel, Cassie will also promote Lady Midnight.

Friday, October 9, from 12:30 pm- 1:30 pm in Room 1A10 : Cassandra Clare Q&A and a sneak peek of Lady Midnight.

If you’re in or around NYC during the Comic Con, don’t miss this one!

Photos: Behind the scenes of Shadowhunters with Jace, Clary and the Lightwoods

As the filming for Shadowhunters continues with full force, more behind-the-scenes pictures keep popping up online.

EP Michael Reisz shared a backstage photo of Dominic Sherwood and Kat McNamara

In addition, Nicole Correia Damude, who was missing from the recent Lightwood family photo, shared a picture of herself with Paulino Nunes and Emeraude Toubia.

New still from Shadowhunters featuring Clary at the City of Bones

A new still from Shadowhunters featuring Kat McNamara as Clary with the Silent Brothers is now online.

Released by Variety, the still is from S01E02. Check it out below:

SHADOWHUNTERS – “1002” – Clary’s memories might be the key to finding her mother and the Mortal Cup. (ABC Family/John Medland)

Showrunner Ed Decter says Clare’s books “lend themselves so much more to television than a single movie” and hopes fans will embrace the property on the smallscreen. “We’re excited for the opportunity to go sideways a little with the story, expanding things in the books that you had to exclude in order to do the movie.”

Even if TV budgets and audience expectations have increased, they’re still not on the astronomical level of such film franchises as “The Hunger Games” and “Harry Potter,” meaning the rewards still outweigh the risks for networks. “The financing entity gets an established brand, but for the creative side, you get a world that already has fantastic, exciting setpieces (and) characters that you know fans enjoy,” Decter says. “The trick is to go through all that and (say), ‘What’s the secret to why this sold 40 million books?’”

Read the full article that discusses the many upcoming sci-fi/fantasy shows next year.

Watch: McG shares a quick look at Alec and Magnus in Shadowhunters!

Malec is coming – according to McG. The Executive Producer shared a teensy teasing clip from Shadowhunters S01E04 featuring Alec Lightwood and Magunus Bane.

Check it out below:

Who else feels sparks fly right off their screens?!

Kat McNamara talks preparing for ‘Shadowhunters,’ adaptation changes and more

In a new interview with HypableKat McNamara discussed being part of adaptations (she’s also starring in the upcoming The Scorch Trials), preparing for Clary’s role and more.

On preparing for Shadowhunters:

“What I love about Clary is that she has so many different aspects,” McNamara says. “She has a balance of strength and vulnerability that I’ve never really seen before in a character. She’s willing to let herself follow her heart and chase after all of these crazy new creatures that she meets and new supernatural beings that she’s come in contact with, and yet she always stays true to her roots and herself and who she is as a person. There are so many facets and so many different vibes with all of these characters, and it’s so much to explore, which is why I think the Mortal Instruments series really does lend itself well to television because there’s such a richness and a romanticism to these stories.”

There’s been quite a bit of training,” she says. “We kind of rushed right into production when we first got here, so we didn’t have much time to train before, but we’ve been training while we’re shooting, and it’s been a whirlwind, which means with a physical trainer and then doing fight training, learning to work with swords and bow and arrows and knives and bo staffs and all other manner of demon killing devices. And on top of that we’ve been doing some gymnastics training as well, so we can incorporate some flips and tricks and stunts into our fight scenes.”

On adaptation changes:

“I must say book fans have nothing to worry about as far as doing justice to their beloved story. There’s so much there, there’s so much that stays true to Cassie’s image and her idea, and the things that they change and the things that they’ve added and the things that they sort of rearranged, if you will, really add to the story and really make it pop on screen. Every time I get a new batch of scripts, I go, ‘Okay, this is the top. This is the pinnacle. This is as far as we can go. This is going to be our biggest episode yet, and then I get the next three scripts and the next three scripts, and I’m constantly floored and gasping and laughing out loud and crying while reading these scripts. And that’s just the first draft on paper. That’s before we even get on set and see it and feel it and live it. And it’s, for lack of a better word, really magical.”

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