Jace Herondale: Bio & Facts

Jace Herondale


Jace Lightwood has had one of the most complicated lives for one so young. Jace is a Shadowhunter living at the New York Institute. He is the adopted son of Maryse and Robert Lightwood.

Jace was born to Stephen and Celine Herondale, after the death of his mother. While still in his mother’s womb, he was given doses of Angel Ithuriel’s blood by Valentine Morgenstern, who, in fact, rescued him from his mother’s dead body. Valentine then faked his death and took off with Jace and his real son Jonathan, raising them separately. Valentine took on the identity of Michael Wayland who was the one who had died in the first place. Jace was, therefore, known as Jace Wayland. It is assumed that though Valentine was harsh and cruel to Jace, there was some part of him that had been affected by Jace, who looked up to his ‘father’ as any kid would. Jace’s upbringing was paradoxical. When he was ten, someone found out that Valentine was alive, so he faked his death again. This time Michael Wayland was publically dead. This is when Jace got adopted by the Lightwoods and became the adopted brother to Alec (his Parabatai), Isabelle, and Max and came to live in New York. Jace is an arrogant, sarcastic stereotype, although most of this can be blamed on his upbringing. He undergoes a serious change when he meets Clary and falls in love with her, despite previously never having formed any sort of attachment outside of the Lightwood family.

He undergoes severe distress when he mistakenly believes that Clary is his sister. In the ensuing Mortal War in Idris, Valentine stabs Jace to death. However, Clary asks Angel Raziel to return him back to life. He is, therefore, in a way re-born. Since his mind is new again, and his death remains a secret, he had not undergone a mandatory ritual that protects Shadowhunter children against demonic influences, which allowed Lilith to possess his mind. Clary rescues Jace from his mental possession of Lilith, and later her own brother Jonathan’s. She stabs Jace with Archangel Michael’s sword, which leaves heavenly fire burning inside him.

When Jonathan, also known as Sebastian attacks the Iron Sisters, Jace single-handedly fights the Turned Shadowhunters as the other Shadowhunters are defeated. He’s like an angel, with the heavenly fire burning in him and even Sebastian is afraid of it. However, the fire gets out of control on their way to Sebastian’s hiding place in Hell and Clary helps purge it out of Jace, trapping it in her shortsword. Jace, understanding Sebastian, formulates the last-chance plan with Clary and helps defeat her evil brother.

Later, Clary brings him the family Herondale ring given to her by Tessa Gray. Jace tells Clary that she always brings the missing pieces of him back to him. He decides to take up the Herondale name, then.

By 2012, Jace takes over the New York Institute from the Lightwoods and runs it with Clary. He maintains affinity toward the Blackthorn family, especially Julian and Mark.

Jace is physically described as beautiful with blond, wavy hair and slim and muscular build. He is, as is customary for Shadowhunters, covered in scars from the Runes. Jace resembles his real father Stephen Herondale, and the only flaw in his otherwise perfect beauty is a chip in one of his incisor teeth.



  • Full name is Jace Herondale [decides to go by Herondale in the aftermath of the Dark War]
  • Calculated his birthday to be sometime in January
  • Publicly acknowledged as the best Shadowhunter of his age
  • Trained at the New York Institute
  • Parabatai to Alec Lightwood
  • Angel blooded
  • Left-handed
  • Plays the piano
  • Loves mu shu pork and hates cucumber, bergamot and sugar in his coffee
  • Likes horses
  • Like his ancestor Will Herondale, has an unusual hatred for ducks
  • Inherited Herondale family ring from James Herondale, Will and Tessa’s son, handed to him by Clary