Top Quotes – The Fair Folk (214)

The Fair Folk aired June 26 on Freeform.

  • “We can’t allow a single radical seelie to define the entire downworld any more than we can allow Valentine to define all Shadowhunters.” – Alec Lightwood
  • “We’re Valentine’s experiments, right? Don’t mess with us.” – Clary Fairchild
  • “Seelies have the beauty of angels and the viciousness of demons.” – Jace Herondale
  • “Simon has proven himself a worthy warrior and a loyal friend. We insist that he be here with us.” – Jace Herondale
  • “Alec, you’re not the first to attempt something like this. But it never works out because the Clave is never willing to compromise.” – Meliorn
  • “I’ve mentored some of the greatest seelie musicians. Ever heard of Sia? Or Bjork?” – Seelie Queen
  • “Shadowhunters are all alike. Their mortality makes them fickle, selfish, weak. In the end, they always choose their own kind.” – Seelie Queen
  • “All Shadowhunters look the same to me. Except Isabelle, of course.” – Meliorn
  • “We were good friends back in Idris. And I turned against you like everyone else, and I’m so sorry.” – Maryse Lightwood
  • “The kiss that will set them free, is the kiss you most desire.” – Seelie Queen

New stills and episode synopsis from The Fair Folk (214)

Freeform has released new stills from EP 214, The Fair Folk, which airs June 26.

Check out more images here.

A brief episode description follows below.

Alec has big plans to mend fences with the Downworlders, while Jace and Clary are summoned by the Seelie Queen.

Top Quotes – Love Is A Devil (208)

Love Is A Devil aired February 20.

  • “I thought you hated me.” ” Call it an intense dislike.” – Isabelle Lightwood and Raphael Santiago
  • “My mother’s back.” “…Which means I’ll make myself scarce.” – Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane
  • “I’m sure I’ll love Max, but Maryse? That woman hates me.” – Magnus Bane
  • “Children have a way of making us terribly vulnerable.” – Valentine Morgenstern
  • “Traditions change; specially those based on ignorance.” – Alec Lightwood
  • “I’m never gonna let anyone hurt Alec.” – Jace Wayland
  • “You think I’d invite Maryse Lightwood to my home for just anyone?” – Magnus Bane
  • “I’m actually happy I didn’t maul you to death.” “Why? So you could slowly annoy me to death, instead?” – Maia Roberts and Jace Wayland
  • “I met a certain warlock, who cared enough about a lost vampire to help him regain his faith.” – Raphael Santiago
  • “I hate party crashers.” – Magnus Bane

Watch: New ‘Shadowhunters’ season two promos

Freeform is pretty generous with its promos, aren’t they? We have two new promos with excellent footage featuring Clary, Jace, Alec and Magnus.

Watch them below:

Shadowhunters returns Monday, January 2, at 8/7 c on Freeform.