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Top Quotes – Day of Wrath (204)

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Day of Wrath aired January 23.

  • “There is no together for you and me, Clary.” – Jace Wayland
  • “I either go to Idris, or I run. And I’ve done enough running.” – Jocelyn Fairchild
  • “Hey, Fray! We got a demon to hunt.” – Alec Lightwood
  • “Unmerciful to the bone. That’s what’s always made you the best.” – Hodge Starkweather
  • “You might wanna cut back on the smartass after getting manhandled by a warlock.” – Lydia Branwell
  • “I portaled to freakin’ India. I had to face-off with a cobra!” – Simon Lewis
  • “Does the Institute have, like, a Twitter feed?” – Clary Fray
  • “There will be no martyrs here.” – Victor Aldertree
  • “The Downworlders I take under my wing – they are my children. My family.” – Magnus Bane
  • “Kill me like you killed my falcon.” – Jace Wayland

Shadowhunters: Day of Wrath (204) sneak peeks

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Freeform has released three sneak peeks from Day of Wrath (204). Check them out below.

Day of Wrath airs tonight, January 23, on Freeform.

Watch: Sneak-peeks from ‘Shadowhunters’ season 2

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In addition to revealing brilliant new footage in the first trailer for Shadowhunters season two, we now have two sneak peeks from the episode titled The Guilty Blood. The clips expand on glimpses of Victor Aldertree and Clary training with Isabelle.

Check them out below:

And, of course, don’t forget to check out the trailer again:

Shadowhunters returns on January 2, 2017.

Photos: New stills from ‘Shadowhunters’ season two

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Today’s the day, everyone! In a couple of hours, we’ll have our first preview of Shadowhunters season two straight from NYCC. The preview will be released at 1 PM ET / 10 AM ET for a short time, until its official release at 6 PM ET.

But, more on that when the time comes. For now, check out a whole bunch of new photos from the episode titled ‘The Guilty Blood.’ I’m assuming this is first, and at best second, episode.

The stills include – apart from awesome glimpses at Magnus and Alec, a first look at new cast member Nick Sagar, and shows a conscious Jocelyn Fairchild. A second new cast member, Joanne Jansen (Friends With Benefits), is also noted in the stills alongside Simon.


In addition, TV Line has an exclusive look at character photoshoot featuring all the main cast. Check it out here.

Shadowhunters casts Nick Sagar as Victor Aldertree

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Deadline is reporting that actor Nick Sagar is joining the second season of Shadowhunters.

Sagar will play Victor Aldertree, a charming Clave Representative who arrives at the New York Institute in the aftermath of Jace’s (Dominic Sherwood) departure with Valentine (Alan Van Sprang).

The role is a recurring one, and the first major new casting of a non-book character since Lydia Branwell.

Shadowhunters season two continues filming in Toronto. Emeraude Toubia shared a picture from the camera test earlier last week.

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Camera test @shadowhunterstv 👄! #izzy

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