Katherine McNamara talks Clace and Shadowhunters season 2 finale

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In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyKatherine McNamara talked Jace and Clary, Clary’s relationship with Jonathan and Valentine, and more, in light of the summer finale of Shadowhunters tonight.

“The exciting thing about Clary and Jace right now is that for the first time in the series, they’re both in a place where they’re open to the possibility of a relationship and they’re open to exploring what this connection between them really is,” McNamara says. “Up until this point, one of them has either been suppressing feelings or running from them — one thing or another has been in their way and now they have this opportunity. Despite the impending doom and the other prevalent issues that need to be dealt with, they’re finding that their connection is extremely powerful and you saw that in that scene in the courtyard when they were tracking Jonathan. There is a power in their connection, there is a power in their emotions for each other that goes beyond any attraction, it goes beyond any flirtation. It’s truly a spiritual thing and there’s a power in that that we will see play into their attempts to defeat Valentine and the Seelie Queen.”

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Watch: Cassandra Clare talks Shadowhunters, adaptations and more

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In an interview with Red Carpet News TV, Cassandra Clare shared her views on the TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments, the characters and the two adaptations. Watch the video below:

The show does look a notch up from the movie, which is awesome since the stories progressively get darker. It’s exciting to see how the overall feel of the Shadowhunters Chronicles will be interpreted on the small screen!

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