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Shadowhunters – Special mid-season finale promo

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The promo for the next Shadowhunters episode, a two-hour special mid-season finale including both the ninth and tenth episodes, is now online.

The mid-season finale airs May 15.

Top Quotes – Dust and Shadows (205)

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Dust and Shadows aired January 30.

  • “Stop pretending this never happened! I couldn’t save you from Valentine. I couldn’t save you from the City of Bones. She’s Clary’s mother. She’s your mother.” – Alec Lightwood
  • “Losing your mom, it’s not something you make better with magic. You just head straight into it and cry your eyes out.” – Magnus Bane
  • “I thought I’d be able to get to know her. And she’d get more time to know me as more than just an experiment gone wrong.” – Jace Wayland
  • “You’ll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right.” – Magnus Bane
  • “She wasn’t supposed to die, Jace. It was a mistake – a freak demon attack. I want more time with her.” – Clary Fray
  • “I know you want her back, but you have to trust me, Clary. You don’t bring people back from the dead.” – Jace Wayland
  • “This shirt smells like death.” – Elaine Lewis
  • “Clary, if there’s any chance we can get your mother back, we have to take it.” – Alec Lightwood
  • “I volunteered in a hospital and I know what real blood smells like.” – Becky Lewis
  • “For the last time, World of Warcraft isn’t a cult.” – Simon Lewis