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Everything we learned about ‘Shadowhunters’ S2 from NYCC 2016!

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The Shadowhunters panel at New York Comic Con 2016 today revealed a lot of cool new info from the second season.

Here’s a run-down of everything you need to know!

  • Malec will have their much-anticipated first date.
  • Jace Wayland will see worse before it gets better for him.
  • Luke Graymark, Jocelyn Fairchild, and Simon Lewis will all have their respective struggles explored.
  • Paul Wesley will be directing an episode this season! Here’s a message from him.
  • Mixed parts of the first cycle of The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones, City of Ashes, & City of Glass – will feature in this season.
  • Alberto Rosende‘s first day at set is his most memorable one.
  • Maia Roberts, played by Alisha Wainwright, will enter the show in episode 3.
  • Dom Sherwood is the biggest prankster on the set. (Ha!)
  • Most importantly, season two premieres on January 2, 2017.

The official show blog released the first trailer for S2 shown at the panel here.


Watch the trailer below:


Watch: Kat McNamara and Dom Sherwood talk season 2, vampires and more

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Movie Maniacs DE has released a new interview with Shadowhunters actors Kat McNamara and Dominic Sherwood. The two talked about the show, their characters, and the many interpretations of vampires throughout literature/movies.

Dom also adds that, just as season one delved outside book one of The Mortal Instruments, there’s more to be discovered in the second season of the show.

Watch the interview below:

‘Shadowhunters’ cast Mimi Kuzyk as Imogen Herondale

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If it isn’t our least favorite Herondale. Or, that’s perhaps Stephen Herondale. I’m not sure.

Mimi Kuzyk Imogen Herondale

Shadowhunters has cast the High Inquisitor we meet in City of Ashes. Actress Mimi Kuzyk will play the role of Imogen Herondale, the “imposing, intelligent and the head of the Shadowhunter legal system. She lives but the Shadowhunter creed, “the law is hard, but it is the law.”

Before the movies were scrapped, Sigourney Weaver was rumored to take on the role. Quite a departure!

I think Mimi appears to be perfect for the role of the severe, system-abiding shadowhunter. What do you think?

Cassandra Clare talks ‘City Of Ashes’ movie script

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Cassandra Clare, on August 23, attended a fan meet-and-greet session in Sao Paulo. Idris Brasil uploaded a video recording of the session and Cassie addressed, once again, the in-limbo City of Ashes movie.

TMI Australia translated the conversation, and here’s an excerpt about the script being re-done:

They’re re-writing, well, after the first mortal instruments movie came out, they got a lot of people complaining it wasn’t like the books. And so, they had a second screenplay for City of Ashes and it was even less like the books, like it was NOTHING, NOTHING like the books… Valentine had a submarine? And Magnus ran for Mayor of New York. It was very weird.

So, they kinda looked at the screenplay and they looked at the fan response and they were like “We can’t do this, we have to throw the screenplay away and do a completely new screenplay that’s more like the books”. So that’s what they’ve been working on, it’s complicated coz usually if you’re doing a series of movies, you have the screenplay ready by the time the first movie has come out, you have the screenplay for the second movie so you can go right into filming it, and they didn’t have one. Takes a year to do a screenplay so I was hoping the next couple of weeks I would get to see the new screenplay for City of Ashes.

We heard something similar earlier this year, but what’s to be noted here is that Cassie is right, it does take a lot of time to write a script. We waited for so long for the first movie after Lily Collins was initially cast, here’s to hoping against hope we still have a fighting chance at the adaptation.

Lily Collins addresses the future of ‘City Of Ashes’

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In the recent feature with the Spanish magazine, Yo Dona, Lily Collins talked a bit about City of Ashes, saying she has “no idea whether there will be a sequel.”

“This business operates so mysteriously, that it’s hard to predict the future of a movie. There is too much politics around, so you need to be patient and let go. I’ve shot two movies since then and I’m happy with the projects,” she said.

The last we heard about the movie was when Cassie Clare talked about the script, which was being re-done.

You can check out Lily’s outtakes from the feature in the gallery here.

Let’s all hope for the best, Shadowhunters!