Top Quotes – You Are Not Your Own (212)

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You Are Not Your Own aired June 12.

  • “Your willingness to put your own comfort aside for the greater good is commendable.” – Imogen Herondale
  • “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me out doing that thing you’re really good at, you know – making a man bend to your every will.” – Simon Lewis
  • “Must be tough being like Shadowhunter royalty. All the power, prestige.” – Jace Herondale
  • “I’m Valentine’s daughter, but I’m not my father.” – Clary Fairchild
  • “Such an attractive couple. How long have you two been married?” – Rosa Santiago
  • “Stealing angelic powers is something even a Greater Demon can’t do.” – Sebastian Verlac
  • “My mother just died, but I feel that pain every day. I couldn’t shut that out if I tried.” – Clary Fairchild
  • “Imogen wouldn’t dare slaughter her grandson.” – Valentine Morgenstern
  • “That agony rune made me relive memories I’ve spent centuries trying to forget.” – Magnus Bane
  • “You’ve had a lot taken away from you, Jace. But that’s all over now. You come from a line of great and powerful Shadowhunters, from a family that has been revered by generations. And feared by those who oppose all that is good and just.” – Imogen Herondale

Note: Starting now, we’ll be referring to Jace and Clary by their true names: Jace Herondale and Clary Fairchild.


Song list for You Are Not Your Own (212)

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We now have the song list from tonight’s Shadowhunters episode, You Are Not Your Own, courtesy the show’s music supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington. Follow her on Twitter here.

New stills and episode synopsis from You Are Not Your Own (212)

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Freeform has released new stills from EP 212, You Are Not Your Own, which airs June 12.

Check out more images here.

A brief episode description follows below.

After several Shadowhunters are killed, The Institute turns to controversial methods to prevent a Downworlder uprising.

Shadowhunters – You Are Not Your Own (212) extended promo

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Freeform has released an extended promo for the next Shadowhunters episode, You Are Not Your Own.

You Are Not Your Own airs June 12 on Freeform.

Shadowhunters: You Are Not Your Own (212) sneak peeks

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Freeform has released two sneak peeks from You Are Not Your Own (212). Check them out below.

You Are Not Your Own airs June 12 on Freeform.