Top Quotes – Day of Wrath (204)

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Day of Wrath aired January 23.

  • “There is no together for you and me, Clary.” – Jace Wayland
  • “I either go to Idris, or I run. And I’ve done enough running.” – Jocelyn Fairchild
  • “Hey, Fray! We got a demon to hunt.” – Alec Lightwood
  • “Unmerciful to the bone. That’s what’s always made you the best.” – Hodge Starkweather
  • “You might wanna cut back on the smartass after getting manhandled by a warlock.” – Lydia Branwell
  • “I portaled to freakin’ India. I had to face-off with a cobra!” – Simon Lewis
  • “Does the Institute have, like, a Twitter feed?” – Clary Fray
  • “There will be no martyrs here.” – Victor Aldertree
  • “The Downworlders I take under my wing – they are my children. My family.” – Magnus Bane
  • “Kill me like you killed my falcon.” – Jace Wayland

Song list for Day of Wrath (204)

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We now have the song list from tonight’s Shadowhunters episode, Day of Wrath, courtesy the show’s music supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington. Follow her on Twitter here.


Tonight – Shadowhunters: Day of Wrath (204) airs at 8/7c

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SHADOWHUNTERS – “Day of Wrath” – No one is safe when the Shadowhunters come up against a new kind of demon in “Day of Wrath,” an all new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing MONDAY, JANUARY 23 (8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Ian Watson) KATHERINE MCNAMARA

Tonight, no one is safe as Clary Fray helps Alec and Isabelle Lightwood hunt a powerful demon in the fourth episode of Shadowhunters season two, Day of Wrath, on Freeform at 8/7c.

Preview the episode:

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Shadowhunters: Day of Wrath (204) sneak peeks

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Freeform has released three sneak peeks from Day of Wrath (204). Check them out below.

Day of Wrath airs tonight, January 23, on Freeform.

Shadowhunters – Day of Wrath (204) short promo

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The promo for the next Shadowhunters episode, Day of Wrath, is now online.

Day of Wrath airs January 23 on Freeform.