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Song list for By The Dawn Of Light (210)

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We now have the song list from tonight’s Shadowhunters mid-season finale, By The Light Of Dawn, courtesy the show’s music supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington. Follow her on Twitter here.

Join Riveted’s #TMIBingeRead in preparation for Lady Midnight

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Simon & Schuster’s online community, PulseIt, is getting a makeover. Now publisher neutral, the community is renamed Riveted and will launch officially in February – a very ABC Family to Freeform move.

One of the first campaigns Riveted is undertaking is the binge reading of The Mortal Instruments, right before the release of Lady Midnight, which fans can join in with the hashtag #TMIBingeRead.

Each week, starting January 22 through March 18, Riveted will be reading one book in the series. There will be trivia, giveaways and discussions on the Riveted YouTube channel.

In addition to the Binge-Read, there’s also #FlashbackFridays, where the history and tid-bits from the saga will be posted.

All in all, you get to read our favorite books along with fellow fans, and win some cool giveaways. So be sure to check out the official Binge-Read page and join in!

Kat McNamara discusses movie and TV Shadowhunters adaptation & more

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kat mcnamara as clary fray

In an interview with People’s ChoiceKatherine McNamara sat down to discuss Shadowhunters. She talks the difference between the City of Bones movie and adapting the books for TV, her favorite episode to film and lots more.

People’s Choice: What was your audition process like for the show?

Katherine McNamara: It was quite a long audition process, but it was obviously worth it in the end. I went to several auditions and eventually, I ended up chemistry testing with Dom [Sherwood], who plays Jace, and with Alberto [Rosende], who plays Simon. And Emeraude [Toubia] was also part of that group of us that were auditioning, and when we all got to the end of it, it was really exciting to be able to look around and go, “Hey, we all sat in so many waiting rooms together and we all spent so much time going over sides and being in our own space and we made it through, and we made it out the other side.”

Have you seen The Mortal Instruments movie, or did you not want it to influence your performance of your character? 

No, I have seen the movie because I’m a huge Lily Collins fan and I have so much respect for her and her work. It’s exciting to see a different take on the story. And that’s what’s so great about the television series. We have the opportunity to look at the series through fresh eyes and get a new perspective on the story that so many people love. It’s a different medium with television. We have a lot more time to dig in and explore and dig into these characters and actually take the time to really develop the relationships.

Besides allowing for more time to develop relationships, how is the TV series different from the books and the movie? 

We take a darker, more raw, grittier edge to the story. We take a different pathway. The overarching skeleton of the story is basically the same. We get from point A to point B and we stay very true to characters, but the way in which we do that is a little different.

What’s your favorite episode that you’ve filmed?

We’re completely finished with the first season. We’ve done 13 episodes and looking back on it, it’s a whirlwind. It’s a miracle that we’ve got everything accomplished in the time that we had. We have the relationships and the romance of it all, then we have the sci-fi/fantasy aspect of it. And we have all these fight sequences and special effects.

There’s so many! And as I go back to do ADR for each episode, I remember things that I completely forgot about. In every episode, something else happens that draws you in even more. But I will say this, episode 12 is very special for all of us. Something big happens that doesn’t happen in the books, at least at that point in the story, and it’s a big step for the channel, it’s a big step for each of us, and really a big step for a lot of the creatives of the show, as well. When we were shooting, we all kind of had this feeling of ‘Wow, we just did something really special.’ So, I can’t wait for people to see that.

Read more here.

Photo: New Shadowhunters TV tie-in edition of ‘City of Bones’

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I didn’t expect a TV tie-in edition of the books to appear so soon, but here’s City of Bones, featuring Dominic Sherwood and Kat McNamara as Jace and Clary.

Kat shared the full image on her Twitter.

Shadowhunters Tie-In Edition City of Bones

The book will go on sale December 22 – perfect for Christmas! – and can be pre-ordered here.

I really like how the focus on the cover is on Clary, with Jace as the supporting character. What are your thoughts?

Photos: Cover reveal for next two stories from ‘Shadowhunters Academy’

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Entertainment Weekly has released the covers for the next two stories from ‘Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy’ e-series. The first Bitter Tongue, releases August 18 and the second, The Fiery Trial, on September 18.

When an Academy mission goes wrong, Simon is kidnapped by faeries (why is he always kidnapped?). He must escape the Fey, relying on his only ally, former Shadowhunter and Dark Artifices character Mark Blackthorn. – EW

Simon and Clary witness the parabatai ceremony of Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn…and discuss their own parabatai plans in this precursor to The Dark Artifices. – EW

I’m especially excited for The Fiery Trial, since it leads us directly into The Dark Artifices.

Check out the previous covers here and here.