‘Shadowhunters’ EPs talk casting Sebastian for season 2

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While it was already confirmed on Twitter that we’ll see Sebastian in the second season of Shadowhunters, possibly in the second half since the casting process is still underway, we haven’t heard much since.

Matt Hastings talked to TV Line about the casting.

“If you know the history of the character, you know where he grew up — in hell — and how he was raised. It’s important for us to cast somebody who, similarly to Valentine, can embrace that duality.”

Further, Darren Swimmer also weighed in on the anticipation of the character.

“We want to keep the details of how Sebastian emerges on the show … a little bit close to the vest. He’s definitely going to be a charming character with a dark side.”

If you haven’t read the books yet, this is a very controversial figure with spoilers attached to even his full name. If you’d like to be surprised, avoid reading much on him!

Shadowhunters returns TOMORROW, January 2, on Freeform.



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