Top Quotes – Rise Up (109)

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Rise Up aired March 8 on Freeform.

  • “Seelies always play both sides.” – Lydia Branwell
  • “Guess Clary’s bedroom isn’t part of Switzerland.” – Alec Lightwood
  • “A Shadowhunter and a werewolf? You do know this isn’t a hotel.” – Raphael Santiago
  • “Even starvation can’t shut you up.” – Raphael Santiago
  • “You’re both going to owe me. I’m talking fourteenth century. Gold, rubies. Definitely diamonds.” – Magnus Bane
  • “What can I say? I have a deep understanding of the human psyche. At least that’s what Freud always said.” – Magnus Bane
  • “Tonight, we’re all Downworlders.” – Clary Fray
  • “Not too late to turn back.” – Meliorn
  • “I don’t wanna be alive if we’re on different sides, Alec.” – Jace Wayland
  • “I’m begging you, my parabatai. My brother. Please, Alec, come with me.” – Jace Wayland

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