‘Shadowhunters’ Writers Twitter chat unveils lots of new details from the show

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Yesterday, September 11, the Shadowhunters Writers took part in a Twitter Q & A where they answered a lot of fan questions, giving little details from the show.

They confirm that we get to see more of the parabatai bond between Jace and Alec, something that basically builds both their characters up in the books. In addition, Alec and Isabelle will have more interactions too.

The first seasonwill have a stronger presence of downworlders, including “seelies, warlocks, werewolves and vampires.”

Along with this, we have now photos of Dominic Sherwood and Emeraude Toubia straight from the set:

Lastly, they also unveiled a brand new rune from the show:

The writers also say that they want to “surprise new AND old fans” and promise they’re staying true to the characters in the book. In addition, they are also using book quotes in the script, one that’s confirmed is the fandom’s favorite – “Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1234.”

Shadowhunters debuts on ABC Family in January 2016.


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