New still from Shadowhunters featuring Clary at the City of Bones

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A new still from Shadowhunters featuring Kat McNamara as Clary with the Silent Brothers is now online.

Released by Variety, the still is from S01E02. Check it out below:

SHADOWHUNTERS – “1002” – Clary’s memories might be the key to finding her mother and the Mortal Cup. (ABC Family/John Medland)

Showrunner Ed Decter says Clare’s books “lend themselves so much more to television than a single movie” and hopes fans will embrace the property on the smallscreen. “We’re excited for the opportunity to go sideways a little with the story, expanding things in the books that you had to exclude in order to do the movie.”

Even if TV budgets and audience expectations have increased, they’re still not on the astronomical level of such film franchises as “The Hunger Games” and “Harry Potter,” meaning the rewards still outweigh the risks for networks. “The financing entity gets an established brand, but for the creative side, you get a world that already has fantastic, exciting setpieces (and) characters that you know fans enjoy,” Decter says. “The trick is to go through all that and (say), ‘What’s the secret to why this sold 40 million books?’”

Read the full article that discusses the many upcoming sci-fi/fantasy shows next year.


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