Cassandra Clare addresses ‘City of Ashes’ filming, Jace Herondale and more!

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My friend Mariyam from Page To Premiere got the awesome opportunity to chat with Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan at the City of Heavenly Fire London Event, earlier today.

Some excerpts from the interview can be read below:


Q: You said that Emma (Carstairs) was the best Shadowhunter since Jace, what does that mean exactly? Does Jace somehow become a worse Shadowhunter?

A: I had written that Emma looked up to Jace and wanted to be like him and that she wanted to be the pre-emptive Shadowhunter of her generation. Like Jace had been the pre-emptive Shadowhunter of his generation and probably still is. All it means is that she looks up to him and she wants to be the toughest, the bravest and she wants to kill the most demons. It was never meant to be a dark portrayal of Jace’s future and he doesn’t actually get any worse at Shadowhunting.

Q: As a massive fan I was just wondering when filming is going to start for City of Ashes? Do you know if Jamie will still be playing Jace?

A: I don’t know, I would think so, I would personally be surprised if they didn’t have him. They had to completely redo the entire screenplay, which takes a long time but believe me you wanted that screenplay redone! I will tell you one thing that is, Clary split into 2 people that both looked like her and had a shovel fight with one another. (Sarah Brennan) Oh and of course Magnus running for mayor of New York. (Cassie) I thought you liked when Jace rode the mermaid! The cast was never the issue, the script was the issue but I have been told that I would hear from them in the next couple of weeks! I mean he (Magnus) would make a great mayor in principle but a race of peoples entire reason for being is to hide themselves from Mundanes, probably running for mayor isn’t a good idea.

[More below the cut]

Q: Also is it always necessary to bring protection when you enter the Demon realms.

A: (Laughs) You don’t know what you’re gonna find in the Demon realms, and you really don’t wanna get Demon Pox! So you gotta be safe!

Q: Will the characters from The Mortal Instruments be in other books?

A: Certainly the surviving characters from Mortal Instruments will appear in The Dark Artifices so they’ll be in their twenties cause TDA is set about five or 6 years later. We get to see people getting married, having kids, getting jobs, while I’m sad to say goodbye to their teenage selves I’m excited to interact with their adult selves.

Check out the full interview here.

SO excited to see more of the TMI characters as their adult selves in TDA! What do you think?


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