Photo: Cassandra Jean draws Jace and Clary’s “Dirty Sexy Club Scene” from CoLS

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If it’s not our favorite artist ever! Cassandra Jean is drawing the Shadowhunters Chronicles’s “Dirty Sexy” scenes, one per book from both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. That does mean we miss out on the DSBS with Will and Tessa from Clockwork Princess, but check out the DSCS from City of Lost Souls below:


Cassandra Clare explains the idea behind this over at her Tumblr:

A while ago, I was discussing the “dirty sexy alley scene” from City of Fallen Angels with Cassandra Jean.

Her: What’s the DSAS?

Me: Many years ago in the Shadowhunter fandom, someone dubbed the scene in COFA “the dirty sexy alley scene.” Then they all started getting monikers like that — Dirty Sexy Bedroom Scene, Dirty Sexy Club Scene, etc. At the moment they are:

DSAS: the alley scene from CoFA
DSBS: Tessa and Jem in the bedroom from Clockwork Prince
DSCS: Jace and Clary in the club in Lost Souls
DSDS: Will and Tessa together in the dungeon/cell in Princess
DSES: Clary and Jace in an “E” place that is as yet unidentified but apparently underwater. 🙂 (She probably means this one that we saw earlier in the week)

What do you think?

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