The MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Cast attends WonderCon 2013; unveils new posters and trailer

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After getting done with the press interviews at the WonderCon 2013, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones actors Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers along with author Cassandra Clare attended the Q & A panel where new characters posters from the movie were unveiled.  Low-resolution photos of the posters, featuring Lily as Clary Fray, Chosen, and Jamie as Jace Wayland, Shadowhunter. can be seen below. Click on the images to see full photos:

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You can check out photos of the cast at the interview and panel in the gallery here, we’re constantly updating the album!

The new theatrical trailer was shown too, as promised, and from those present we know that the new scenes – apart from the glimpses we’ve seen – also include Clary getting the phone-call from her mother, Jocelyn Fairchild and returning home. We also see Magnus Bane and the vampire-werewolves showdown with Simon Lewis commenting in his usual snarkiness. Then there’s the Garden scene, demons and Luke Greyback. iO9 has a very spoiler-y description of the trailer frame-by-frame, which, if you can’t wait, read here.

We’ve collected all the major information from the panel below.

  • “The movie stays true to the spirit of the books & characters – it’s sticking as close to the book as possible without being 10 hours!” – Cassie Clare
  • “He’s covered in glitter and eyeliner. He’s very Magnus…” – Cassie Clare
  • “I was a fan of the books before I was cast… and honored to take on this role of Clary Fray.” – Lily Collins
  • “We wanted to Clary to be someone who could be your friend and was in these crazy situations. She likes being a redhead!” – Lily Collins
  • “If you’ll have me as Clary for awhile, I’m willing to be a redhead for awhile.” – Lily Collins
  • “I grew up a lot during this movie.” – Lily Collins
  • “I loved every second of filming this project. This has been one of the best experiences of my life.” – Lily Collins
  • “What drew me to Jace, was his vulnerability.” – Jamie Campbell Bower
  • “You’re so pretty on the big screen, by the way.” – Jamie Campbell Bower [to Kevin Zegers]
  • “Runes took hours every morning.” – Kevin Zegers
  • “The great thing for me about Alec is you really don’t know what’s going on with him. You don’t have to define him right away.” – Kevin Zegers
  • Jamie sported the Morgenstern ring.
  • Jamie’s favorite character is Isabelle Lightwood. He called her ‘brutal and ruthless’.
  • Lily’s favorite character is Magnus Bane. She said, ‘he has such a history to him and an allure to him.’
  • Kevin’s favorite character is Magnus Bane, as well.
  • Jamie and Kevin bonded a lot on-set.

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    […] attended the WonderCon 2013 yesterday where they took part in a Q & A panel and unveiled the new trailer and character posters for Clary Fray and Jace […]


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