New City of Bones trailer to be unveiled at WonderCon; Lily Collins invites Shadowhunters #TMIMovie

The cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is going to attend the WonderCon, a convention which will run from March 29-31 in California. A new theatrical trailer, first look and a poster will be unveiled at the Con. The official movie Facebook page posted a video of Lily Collins inviting fans to the convention.

Watch the video below:

Cassandra Clare commented on the video posted at Facebook:

 I rarely post here, but do keep in mind that while the trailer and poster will debut at Wondercon (which is very normal for movies, debuting trailers etc at Wondercon/Comicon) the point is that this means that there will be a new trailer, which will go out into theaters, as of end of March, and a new poster, which will also go out into theaters, at the same time. No one releases posters/trailers just at a convention and no where else since as you say, most people can’t attend. It is a way of announcing that the trailer/poster is ready to go.

How exciting is this?? By the end of this month we’ll have three brand new promotional material!


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